JSC "RUDOAVTOMATIKA named after V.V. Safoshin”

Type of activity: Manufacture of machinery and equipment for mining and construction.

JSC "RUDOAVTOMATIKA named after V.V. Safoshin ”is one of the main enterprises in Russia specializing in the development and production of low-voltage complete devices for control systems for electric drives of mining excavators, complete switchgears and safety devices to protect personnel from electric shock.

The main partners and customers of the products of JSC "RUDOAVTOMATIKA named after V.V. Safoshin ”are the largest machine-building plants and mining enterprises of the Russian Federation.

Taking into account the wishes of the consumer in extending the service life of the excavators in operation and reducing their electricity consumption, JSC RUDOAVTOMATIKA named after V.V. Safoshin ”offers for these purposes the modernization of electrical equipment that has worked out the standard period.

The company's products are in constant consumer demand not only in the Russian mining and coal industry, but also among consumers from near and far abroad: Belarus, Mongolia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine.

As part of the development of energy-saving technologies, the enterprise has mastered the serial production of low-voltage complete devices using thyristor converters, which significantly reduce the power consumption of the EKG-5A, EKG-8I, EKG-10, EKG-12K, EKG-15M and more powerful EKG-20 excavators.

Products of JSC "RUDOAVTOMATIKA named after V.V. Safoshina "is certified, is distinguished by high reliability and competitiveness, has repeatedly become a winner of the competition" 100 best goods of Russia "and the winner of the competition" Prize of the Governor of the Kursk region for quality".

Address: 307170, Kursk region, Zheleznogorsk, st. Mira, 1

Tel / fax: 8 (47148) 2-48-22; 8(47148) 3-46-87