Joint Stock Company "PK Agromarka"

Type of activity: Production of cereals and granules from grain crops.

LLC "Processing company Agromarka" is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise that has been successfully operating in the market for the production of cereals and flakes for over 15 years. The company's products are represented by the trade mark - " Nashe utro". The line of the brand includes more than 40 product names, from the economy segment in transparent packaging to premium class in brewing bags and cardboard boxes. "Our Morning" flakes and cereals are produced from selected grain grown in Russian fields.

Modern equipment and a multistage system of quality control and raw material purification allow flakes to be cleaned from all impurities without chemical treatment.

Address: 306050, Kursk region, Zolotukhinsky district, m. Svoboda, st. Mirnaya, 7A

Tel/fax: +7 (4715) 141 1-43; +7 (47151) 4-14-28