Individual Entrepreneur Degtyarova Yuliya Nikolayevna (hair salon for children «Jub-Jik»)

Type of activity: the provision of services to hairdressers and beauty salons.

«Jub-Jik»- they know everything about the beauty industry in the children's segment and are ready to share their experiences on a franchise basis. Since 2009, «Jub-Jik» has been working in two cities: Kursk and Belgorod — own points, in Tomsk — a point fran-chayzi. The key to the success of their business is that they know how to teach a small client to love their appearance, care for themselves, change, transform and not be afraid to be bright. «Jub-Jik» successfully combines technology and individuality in hairdressing!

Address: 305004, Kursk region, Kursk, Radishcheva Str., 52

Tel / fax: 8-4712-54-22-54, 8-4712-54-34-54



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